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Textile architecture - from concept to assembly

Mounting PTFE glass fabric 4500qm Abu Dhabi

A team of proffesionals makes your dreams come true

Lightweight and durable constructions that meet the highest fire protection requirements and possess thermal insulating properties even beyond. These properties of FLONTEX membranes make the fabric versatile. Individual planning and execution of the projects also create unique shapes and designs.
Our experience is based on over 200 realized projects worldwide.


  • Concept design
  • Formfinding - engineering
  • Structural analysis
  • Consulting - patterning
  • Fabrication - steel fabrication
  • Erection
  • Maintenance
Calculation wind load

preferred fabrics

ETFE - foils

  • ETFE - foils
PVC polyester

  • PVC polyester
PTFE glasfiber

  • PTFE glasfiber
PTFE laminated

  • PTFE laminated
PTFE Tenara fabrics

  • PTFE Tenara fabrics
Silicon glasfabrics

  • Silicon glasfabrics

For more details and firegrades-information please klick on a fabric picture.

wooden lightweight


Minimal material use at maximum span is the core feature of consequent lightweight construction. Resources are spared, architecture blends into aesthetics and benefits. Natural designs can be a model for exciting design. Design engineers develop substructures and mounting details and meet the requirements of the respective loads. A spider never builds up its network. It always amazes again what the filigree spider web can do.

Guthrie_Pavillion, Selangor
Private Swimming Pool, Riyadh
Hafen Lounge Staad - CH


durability is a key component of our membrane manufacturing technology. Through the manufacturing process FLONTEX our PTFE fiberglass fabric and our Tenara PTFE fabrics are designed for a shelf life of over 30 years. This exceeds even the common life of traditional building materials.

Ice Rink, Teflon-coated-Fiberglas
Gate canopies, YAS Iland, U.A.E.
Entrance Canopy, Brunei
Wankhede Stadium - Mumbai

visual and acoustic control

visual and acoustic control

Glass fabric provides pleasant scattered light. Depending on the layer structure, the light transmission between darkening and full light spectrum can be controlled. Multi-layer heat-insulated constructions can provide up to approx. 20% light in the building.
Air-supported ETFE film cushions are classifiable and can be design elements and also advertising media due to special imprints.
The room acoustics are favorably influenced in all cases by the positive absorption behavior of the fabrics and foils.

Light wing Baader Bank Munich
Light wings, Mercedes Benz show room, Sindelfingen

thermal insulation

Roof constructions made of semi-transparent glass lattice fabrics have special features in terms of light transmission, energy transmission, thermal insulation, noise insulation and room acoustics. As a rule, membrane constructions have no thermal insulation. This results in some disadvantages:

  • High surface temperatures due to solar radiation:
    thermal problems - it becomes too hot in the interior.
  • Low surface temperatures on cold nights:
    Decreases the temperature inside - it gets too cold.
  • Condensation on the inside of the fabric:
    Danger of mold formation.
A special glass fiber inlay significantly improves the efficiency of the thermal insulation. Despite the thermal insulation, the roof remains light-permeable. Over 50% of the light is maintained despite thermal insulation. Together with the PTFE glass fabric on the upper and lower side, the light input can be reduced to such an extent that problems caused by glare are excluded. The FLONTEX roof creates daylight with only moderate heating during the sun hours. On clear, sunny days, the interior is heated with approx. 200 W / m². The intensity of the lighting is around 20,000 Lux at lunch time (compared to 300 to 500 lux required in offices). Even on very cloudy days, the lighting is still around 2,000 lux. On cold nights, the good thermal insulation prevents extreme cooling. Condensation does not occur.

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